Elfmädchen to be screened at Anthology Film Archives short films program by Another Experiment by Women/New Filmmakers NY. Curated by Lili White.  Wed Oct 5 at 6pm in Talking To God program.

Elfmädchen (or elfgirls) is an abstract portrait of a narcoleptic girl, a fairy tale without a prince charming, set amongst the urban decay of Soma, San Francisco. Her dreams become weirder, more lucid, flowing in & out of reality. Each dream study has its own feel, from tropical to wacky to ominous and back to childlike. Starring Rachel Birdsong, with Ghis Glittoree and Lady Nigel Butterfly. Featuring music by Bruce Haack, Tipsy, People Like Us and Ian Pooley. Color 16mm shot entirely on a Bolex. Winner of the Chicago Underground Film Festival's Best Animation award in 2009. For complete festival info, see screenings + shows page.

For more details visit elfmadchen.com. Entire film can be viewed on Vimeo or a DVD can be purchased on Etsy.